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The Monster Engine Book $24.95
The Monster Engine Book

The Monster Engine is a book, a demonstration, lecture and a gallery exhibition. The premise for all three came from one single question: What would a child’s drawing look like if it were painted realistically?

The book is a 48-page collection of drawings, paintings, photos and interviews. The book’s preface explains, in depth, the history, intentions and results of this seven-year project.

ISBN 0-9768338-0-8

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Limited Edition Poster $5.99
Limited Edition Poster

Check out the brand spankin’ new limited edition Monster Engine poster! It’s not only a poster but a game too! Identify which head came from which painting.

Limited production of only 1,000 copies.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

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  • "I can say that The Monster Engine is, without a doubt, the most ingenius idea I've ever seen. A creation that is original, inspired and honest...just like the artist who created it."

    Keith Ciaramello
    Curator,Kustom Kulture Gallery
  • "An intriguing book, The Monster Engine is a creative thought provoking adventure, sometimes shocking and often ticklishly funny."

    Erin Gray, Actress
  • "A captivating and insightful book that synthesizes the limit-less vision of a child and the talents of one of comic's most respected artists."

    Bill Harbort
    Professor, Minot State University

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