What's inside the book?

One page shows a child's a monster drawing.
One page shows my painting (based upon that drawing.)
Two pages contain an interview with the child about my painting. These interviews have three embedded photos of the child talking.
Because the interview pages separating pages one and four, there is a cliff hanger aspect that leaves the viewer in anticipation of the painted transformation. This never fails to get a great reaction. Once that has occurred, children and adults alike can read the interviews for the humor and insights about the art.


  • "I can say that The Monster Engine is, without a doubt, the most ingenius idea I've ever seen. A creation that is original, inspired and honest...just like the artist who created it."

    Keith Ciaramello
    Curator,Kustom Kulture Gallery
  • "An intriguing book, The Monster Engine is a creative thought provoking adventure, sometimes shocking and often ticklishly funny."

    Erin Gray, Actress
  • "A captivating and insightful book that synthesizes the limit-less vision of a child and the talents of one of comic's most respected artists."

    Bill Harbort
    Professor, Minot State University

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