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Dave DeVries was recently on CBS News This Morning and there are great shots of what he does at schools.

The Monster Engine demonstrations and lectures are crowd pleasers at school assemblies of 400 or less. Five days before Mr. DeVries arrives at the school, the art teacher instructs the students to create their very own pencil drawing of a monster. The day before the assembly, Dave picks a drawing via a lottery and transfers it twice-first to a 30" x 40" white board and then to a 30" x 40" black matte board. Each transfer will sit on its own easel on the day of the assembly.

On the day of the assembly, Dave starts with a slide show of the project that lasts about 10 minutes. After they understand the book's main theme, the painting demonstration begins. As stated before, two easels are utilized--the black matte board will become the finished painted version while the white remains untouched for comparison. Since their attention span is limited at that age--especially the very young--the demo lasts only 30 minutes.

During the demo Dave talks to the audience involving them with information and jokes all designed to increase their understanding of the painting. Kids will sit on the floor and interact with Dave--- often taking brush in hand to paint a small area. After the demo, a question and answer period can last as long as the interest persists. Children under the age of five are usually too young for this.

This process can also be repeated one other time during the day. After the program, Monster Engine books are available for sale.

This workshop includes:

  • Slides showing Monster Engine book
  • Slides showing Monster Engine kid photos
  • Slides show of Dave's studio.(Slide show runs 10-15 minutes)
  • A 30 minute large painting
  • A question and answer period
  • Samples of my original paintings to view
  • All prep work
  • One full day of the artist's time

Price: $1,500.00 (This does not include supplies, lodging, meals and transportation if necessary)

Some actual feedback on a presentation

Sarah Mitchell, Library Media Specialist ELLENVILLE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 28 Maple Ave., Ellenville, NY

March 22. 2012

Dear Dave.

I was looking forward to your visit to our school but I had no idea what an amazing experience we were all in for. The students and teachers are still buzzing with the energy, excitement and inspiration you instilled in each and every one of them. In our assemblies of almost two hundred students you gripped and held the attention of every single student and teacher.

In an unprecedented show of gratitude, the students from the first two sessions brought back thank you letters and pictures for you--- before you had left for the day. Your energy and generosity was over and above anything I have ever seen. The slide show of the work you have done as an illustrator was a huge success with the students. They raised the roof with their cheers for each of the characters you have drawn.

The experience of seeing a picture drawn by a fellow student brought to life with the students themselves helping was an incredible inspiration, The art techniques you taught our students about from the effects of lighting to the use of "out of the box" palettes and brushes will long be remembered and used.

Many teachers have started writing and drawing projects in their classrooms inspired by your presentation and the excitement you generated in our students. We will also be running a school wide writing project inspired by your visit called "Interview with a Monster.”

All that day and still a week later parents and teachers have been coming up to me to tell me that your visit was the best assembly we have ever had and that they have never seen their kids so inspired and excited.

Our art teacher specifically asked me to relay to you the fact that she had never seen the students so '"jazzed and excited" about the process you showed them. You have empowered our students to express the ideas and originality they each possess.

As one teacher put it to me you were a "slam dunk". Thank you so much for the amazing energy you brought to our school.

Sincerely yours,

Sarah Mitchell

Workshop Reviews

  • “The students and faculty were inspired by his slide lecture, original artwork and brilliant painting demonstration. He even had time to give the student’s critiques of their work at the end of a long day. No one could have been more generous with their time and energy. Simply put….Dave is a class act!”

    William David Brown
    Chairperson and Associate Teacher
    Moore College of Art and Design
  • “Dave gave a lecture and in-class demo for our illustration students, and I can honestly say it was one of the best I've seen. His energy and enthusiasm, as well as the popular appeal of his work to many young artists, made for a stimulating and inspirational experience."

    Stuart McKSissick
    Associate Professor, Illustration
    Columbus Collge of Art and Design
  • “I was really impressed with the way Dave worked with the children. The kids loved it. They all felt really good about their project. It really raises their self esteem.”

    Gay Orfe
    Teacher, Marion Mckeown Elementary School
  • “ The way Dave involved the kids in his demonstration made for a truly unique and exciting experience!”

    Michelle Oram
    Stage Struck Kids Performing Arts Center

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